Elektromotor 3V115-02HV 250kW

electric motor 3V115-02HV

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Elektromotor ČKD 3V115-02HV 250kW dostupný na skladě.

Asynchronous squirel cage motor 3V115-02HV available stock.

Power:  250 kW
Number of poles:  2
Rated speed:  2955 rpms.
Rated frequency:  50 Hz
Rated current:  30A
Source:  Y 6000V
Duty interval:  S1 (continuous duty)
Insuation class: Izol F
Mounting: IM B3
Class of protection:  Exd IIB T4
Okamžité dodání:  vyboelectric@vyboelectric.eu
GSM: +420 608 345 282